3.7.5 debug.inc

This file contains a set of macros designed to make debugging easier. It also functions like the old debug.inc, with the exception that you have to call the Debug_Inc_Stack() macro to get the include stack output.

Debug_Inc_Stack(). Activates include file tracking, each included file will send a debug message when it is included.
Parameters: None.

Set_Debug(Bool). Activate or deactivate the debugging macros.

Debug_Message(Str). If debugging, sends the message to the debug stream.

Debug(Condition, Message)
Warning(Condition, Message)
Error(Condition, Message)

These macros send a message to the #debug, #warning, and #error streams depending on a given condition. They are just a shortcut for an #if()...#end block, intended to make scenes easier to read.