2.4.5 Utilities, models, etc. What is the best animation program available?

Check the POV-Ray links collection on our website. Creating/viewing MPEG-files.

"How can I create/view mpeg-files in Windows/Linux/...?"

See the IRTC Animation FAQ. Where can I find models/textures?

Check the POV-Ray links collection on our website. What are the best modellers for POV-Ray?

Check the POV-Ray links collection on our website). Any POV-Ray modellers for Mac?

(Answer by Henri Sivonen)

Yes there are. However, a text editor is still needed.

Most of the available modelers are listed on the Official POV-Ray MacOS Info Page.

DOS, Windows and Linux i386 modelers can be used with an Intel PC emulator. With Mac OS X most Linux-compatible applications with freely available source code can be compiled and then run natively. Is there any user gallery of POV-Ray images?

There are literaly hundreds of POV-Ray users galleries. Almost anybody that uses POV-Ray and has a web page has some sort of picture gallery set up. Look for web page address's at the bottoms of the messages posted to the newsgroup comp.graphics.rendering.raytracing and the povray newsgroups.

There are 2 places officially supported by the POV-Team. They are:

- The POV-Ray users gallery located on our web server.

- On our private news server (not connected with USENET) in the povray.binaries.images newsgroup, you will find many images posted from other POV-Ray users. There are also discussion groups, and plenty of sample code and scenes.

You should also check the Internet Raytracing Competition homepage. Any good heightfield modellers?

Check the POV-Ray links collection on our website. Any easy way of creating trees?

A program called Tree designer by Johannes Hubert is an excellent modelling program for trees.

There are also a several good include files for this purpose. Check out our link collection to Include Macro and Object Files).