2.5.3 The POV-Team

Following is a list in alphabetic order of all people who have ever worked on the POV-Ray Team or who have made a note-worthy contribution.

Current POV-Team Members

Chris Cason
Member 1993-, Team leader 1999-, windows version author, other contributions
Nicolas Calimet
3.6 UNIX development
Dale C. Brodin
Alpha & Beta tester, forum support
Alexander Enzmann
POV-Ray 1.0/2.0/3.0 developer
Thorsten Fröhlich
Mac developer
Christoph Hormann
3.6 UNIX development
Alan Kong
Alpha & Beta tester, forum support
Nathan Kopp
Photons, u/v mapping, other contributions.
Lutz Kretzschmar
Moray author, MS-DOS 24-bit VGA, part of the anti-aliasing code
Ron Parker
Core code, jack-of-all-trades
Anton Raves
Alpha & Beta tester, Mac contributor
Erkki Sondergaard
Alpha & Beta tester, 3.0 Scene files

Past POV-Team Members and other Contributors

Claire Amundsen
Tutorials for the POV-Ray User Guide
Steve Anger
POV-Ray 2.0/3.0 developer
Randy Antler
MS-Dos display code enhancements
John Baily
RLE targa code
Eric Barish
Ground fog code
Thomas Baier
3.1 team member, tester
Dieter Bayer
Wrote sor, lathe, prism, media and many other features
Anthony Bennett
Scene files, documentation
Kendall Bennett
PMODE library support, paletted display code in Windows version
Steve Bennett
GIF support
Thomas Bily
Implicit and parametric surfaces
Eric Brown
no_image, no_reflection, orient and circular area_light
Matthew Corey Brown
pigment function, warps
David Buck
Original author of DKBTrace, POV-Ray 1.0 developer
Edward Coffey
Aaron Collins
Co-author of DKBTrace 2.12, POV-Ray 1.0 developer
Chris Dailey
POV-Ray 3.0 developer
Steve Demlow
POV-Ray 3.0 developer
Andreas Dilger
Former Unix coordinator, Linux developer, PNG support
Joris van Drunen Littel
Mac beta tester
Dan Farmer
POV-Ray 1.0/2.0/3.0 developer, author of many features, sample scenes, and textures
Daniel Fenner
Hans-Detlev Fink
Slope pattern
Charles Fusner
Blob, lathe and prism tutorial tutorials for the POV-Ray User Guide
Mark Gordon
Unix developer
Jérôme Grimbert
Mapping warps
David Harr
Mac balloon help and palette code
Michael Hazelgrove
Scene files
Jimmy Hoeks
Original Help file for v3.0 Windows user interface
Christoph Hormann
Scene & include files, documentation, insert menu
Chris Huff
Object pattern, Interior texture, inverse transform
Bob Hughes
Scene and include files, insert menu
Ingo Janssen
Scene & include files, documentation
Mike Hough
Spherical camera, Media method 2, uv_mapping for bicubic_patch
Rune S. Johansen
Scene & include files, documentation
Greg M. Johnson
Scene files
Terry Kanakis
Camera fix
Kari Kivisalo
Ground fog code
Tor Olav Kristensen
Scene files
Jochen Lippert
Charles Marslett
MS-Dos display code
Pascal Massimino
Fractal objects
Jim McElhiney
POV-Ray 3.0 developer
Robert A. Mickelsen
Artist, 3.0 docs contributor
Mike Miller
Artist, scene files, stones.inc
Fabien Mosen
Scene & include files
Douglas Muir
Bump maps, height fields
Joel Newkirk
Former Amiga developer
Juha Nieminen
Fractal patterns
Jim Nitchals
Mac version, scene files (Jim - famous also for his anti-spam crusades - passed away on 5 June 1998 but his contributions to POV-Ray and responsible use of the internet will not be forgotten)
Paul Novak
Texture contributions
Wolfgang Ortmann
Dave Park
Amiga support, AGA video code
Redaelli Paolo
Former Amiga developer
David Payne
RLE targa code
Ansgar Philippsen
Smooth color triangle
Bill Pulver
Time code
Dan Richardson
3.0 Docs
Tim Rowley
PPM and Windows-specific BMP image format support
Eduard Schwan
Former Mac version coordinator, mosaic preview, docs
Daniel Skarda
Implicit and parametric surfaces
Robert Skinner
Noise functions
Yvo & René Smellenbergh
Clock & Image_size keywords
Ryoichi Suzuki
Zsolt Szalavari
Halo code which was later turned into media
Scott Taylor
Leopard and onion textures
Gilles Tran
Scene files
John VanSickle
Cells pattern
Mark Wagner
Timothy Wegner
Fractal objects, PNG support
Drew Wells
POV-Ray 1.0 developer, POV-Ray 1.0 team coordinator
Daren Scot Wilson
Chris Young
Team leader 1992-1999, parser code, other contributions too numerous to list here Contacting the Authors

The POV-Team is a collection of volunteer programmers, designers, animators and artists meeting via the internet at http://www.povray.org/. The POV-Team's goal is to create freely distributable, high quality rendering and animation software written in C that can be easily ported to many different computers. If you have any questions about POV-Ray, please visit our web site for the latest contact information, or see the online version of POVLEGAL for the current team coordinators address (this changes from time to time whenever too many email spammers harvest the address).

If you have a question regarding commercial use or distribution of POV-Ray, please contact Chris Cason, the development team coordinator, via the above method. Please do not email us directly for technical support; we no longer give support via email as too many people abused the privilege.

See our web site and particularly our news server for online peer support. The news server has a moderated bug reporting newsgroup; please however discuss the issue in the povray.general newsgroup prior to lodging a bug report as we may already know of the issue (or it might not even be a bug). Also, there are several FAQ's on the POV web site, and in general the folks in the newsgroups think rather poorly of users who post complaints without reading the FAQ's first.

Finally, there is also a dedicated Technical Assistance Group consisting of a number of trusted, experienced POV-Ray users. The TAG

Established by the POV-Team in late 1999, the TAG (Technical Assistance Group) is made up of selected members of the POV-Ray user community. The purpose of the TAG is to aid the POV-Team in supporting users of POV-Ray around the world, using the collective knowledge of the group to answer users' POV-Ray questions and to bring POV-Ray related matters to the attention of the POV-Team as required.

With their range of experiences in particular areas of computing and graphics, TAG members will always try to provide an answer to users' POV-Ray questions as best they can. If members of the TAG feel a question or suggestion merits the attention of the POV-Team, they will redirect queries to the appropriate members of the Team for consideration.

TAG members are not members of the POV-Team. But they are, however, an official conduit between us and the outside world. They have direct access to all members of the POV-Team. They have the right to speak on our behalf on the POV-Ray news server and on any official mailing lists that we set up for this purpose. Not everything they say will be official; only when they sign it as such. They can still act as 'themselves' and have their own opinions at all other times.

The TAG has its own website.

Technical Assistance Group Members

Chris Colefax
Email: chris.colefax [at] tag.povray.org
Chris Huff
Email: chris.huff [at] tag.povray.org
Ingo Janssen
Email: ingo [at] tag.povray.org
Juha Nieminen
Email: warp [at] tag.povray.org
Peter Popov
Email: peter.popov [at] tag.povray.org
Margus Ramst
Email: margus.ramst [at] tag.povray.org
Gilles Tran
Email: gilles.tran [at] tag.povray.org
Ken Tyler
Email: ken.tyler [at] tag.povray.org POV-Ray 3.6 Development

Main 3.6 developers:

Chris Cason
Thorsten Fröhlich
Nathan Kopp

Contributors of patches in POV-Ray 3.6

Nicolas Calimet
UNIX development
Christoph Hormann
UNIX development
Wlodzimierz 'ABX' Skiba
Various fixes, uv-mapping for parametric and torus
Massimo Valentini
Various fixes