Mini SQL 2.0



Mini SQL, or mSQL, is a lightweight database engine designed to provide fast access to stored data with low memory requirements. As its name implies, mSQL offers a subset of SQL as its query interface.

Mini SQL Version 2 is the second generation of the Mini SQL product. mSQL 1.0 has been available in various forms since June 1994 and has undergone many enhancements to become a very popular and stable database system for small databases. mSQL 2 goes beyond the initial design goals of mSQL 1 and provides functionality suited to larger applications. It does this without reducing its performance on the simple tasks that mSQL 1 handled so well. The result being a lightweight database system suited to most data storage requirements.

Table of Contents

Mini SQL

General Information (and comparison with 1.0)
mSQL 2.0 Language Specification
mSQL 2.0 System Variables
mSQL 2.0 Programming API
Standard Programs and Utilities
Runtime Configuration


W3-mSQL : The WWW Interface Package
W3-mSQL : Security Related Features
W3-auth : Access Control and Authentication


Lite : mSQL's own scripting language
Lite's Standard Module
Lite's mSQL Module
Writing your own Lite / W3-mSQL Modules

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