Persistence of Vision

POV-Ray 3.6 for UNIX documentation



Welcome to the Persistence of Vision Raytracer, v3.6. These files contains detailed instructions and tutorials on POV-Ray, POV-Ray for Unix, the POV-Ray scene description language, answers to Frequently Asked Questions, and links to various internet resources related to POV-Ray.

The documentation of POV-Ray for Unix can be viewed and navigated in several forms:

Other versions including printing friendly PDF and Postscript files can be found on the POV-Ray website.

The topics are designed to be read in the order they occur in the table of contents, so if you're a new user we suggest that you do just that.

Be aware that learning to use POV-Ray effectively takes some time and practice, and that familiarity with the contents of this help file will save you a considerable amount of both. We also strongly recommend that new users read the Frequently Asked Questions list before asking any support-related questions on the internet or other locations.

If you are looking for documentation of an older or newer version of POV-Ray, please take a look at the main online documentation website on the POV-Ray website.