3.7.20 Other files

There are various other files in the include collection, including font files, color maps, and images for use in height fields or image_maps, and includes that are too small to have their own section. logo.inc

The official POV-Ray logo designed by Chris Colefax, in two versions

The POV-Ray logo object
The POV-Ray logo as a prism
The POV-Ray logo as a beveled prism rad_def.inc

This file defines a macro that sets some common radiosity settings. These settings are extremely general and are intended for ease of use, and do not necessarily give the best results.


 #include "rad_def.inc"
 global_settings {
    radiosity {
       Rad_Settings(Setting, Normal, Media)

Parameters: screen.inc

Screen.inc will enable you to place objects and textures right in front of the camera. When you move the camera, the objects placed with screen.inc will follow the movement and stay in the same position on the screen. One use of this is to place your signature or a logo in the corner of the image.

You can only use screen.inc with the perspective camera. Screen.inc will automatically create a default camera definition for you when it is included. All aspects of the camera can than be changed, by invoking the appropriate 'Set_Camera_...' macros in your scene. After calling these setup macros you can use the macros Screen_Object and Screen_Plane.

Note: even though objects aligned using screen.inc follow the camera, they are still part of the scene. That means that they will be affected by perspective, lighting, the surroundings etc.

For an example of use, see the screen.pov demo file.

Set_Camera_Location(Loc) Changes the position of the default camera to a new location as specified by the Loc vector.

Set_Camera_Look_At(LookAt) Changes the position the default camera looks at to a new location as specified by the LookAt vector.

Set_Camera_Aspect_Ratio(Aspect) Changes the default aspect ratio, Aspect is a float value, usually width divided by the height of the image.

Set_Camera_Aspect(Width,Height) Changes the default aspect ratio of the camera.

Set_Camera_Sky(Sky) Sets a new Sky-vector for the camera.

Set_Camera_Zoom(Zoom) The amount to zoom in or out, Zoom is a float.

Set_Camera_Angle(Angle) Sets a new camera angle.

Set_Camera(Location, LookAt, Angle) Set location, look_at and angle in one go.

Reset_Camera() Resets the camera to its default values.

Screen_Object (Object, Position, Spacing, Confine, Scaling) Puts an object in front of the camera.

Screen_Plane (Texture, Scaling, BLCorner, TRCorner) Screen_Plane is a macro that will place a texture of your choice on a plane right in front of the camera.
Parameters: stdcam.inc

This file simply contains a camera, a light_source, and a ground plane. stage1.inc

This file simply contains a camera, a light_source, and a ground plane, and includes colors.inc, textures.inc, and shapes.inc. sunpos.inc

This file only contains the sunpos() macro

sunpos(Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute, Lstm, LAT, LONG). The macro returns the position of the sun, for a given date, time, and location on earth. The suns position is also globally declared as the vector SolarPosition. Two other declared vectors are the Az (Azimuth) and Al (Altitude), these can be useful for aligning an object (media container) with the sunlight.
Assumption: in the scene north is in the +Z direction, south is -Z.

Use :

   #include "sunpos.inc"

   light_source {
      //Greenwich, noon on the longest day of 2000
      SunPos(2000, 6, 21, 12, 2, 0, 51.4667, 0.00) 
      rgb 1

      rotate <0, Az-90, Al>  //align cylinder with sun
      texture {...}
   } font files (*.ttf)

The fonts cyrvetic.ttf and timrom.ttf were donated to the POV-Team by their creator, Ted Harrison (CompuServe:70220,344) and were built using his FontLab for Windows by SoftUnion, Ltd. of St. Petersburg, Russia.

The font crystal.ttf was donated courtesy of Jerry Fitzpatrick, Red Mountain Corporation, redmtn [at] ix.netcom.com

The font povlogo.ttf is created by Fabien Mosen and based on the POV-Ray logo design by Chris Colefax.

A fixed space programmer's font.
A proportional spaces sans-serif font.
A proportional spaces serif font.
Only contains the POV-Ray logo. color_map files (*.map)

These are 255-color color_maps, and are in individual files because of their size.

whiteash.map image files (*.png, *.pot, *.df3)

A color mandelbrot fractal image, presumably intended for use as a bumpmap.
Some kind of fractal landscape, with color for blue water, brown land, and white peaks.
A maze.
A grayscale mandelbrot fractal.
A 2D color julia fractal.
plasma2.png, plasma3.png
"Plasma fractal" images, mainly useful for landscape height fields. The file plasma3.png is a smoother version of plasma2.png, plasma1.png does not exist.
The text "Persistance of Vision" in green on a blue background, framed in black and red.
A "test image", the image is divided into 4 areas of different colors (magenta, yellow, cyan, red) with black text on them, and the text "POV-Ray" is centered on the image in white.
A 3D bitmap density file. A spiral, "galaxy" shape.