seglistitem — A list item in a segmented list


Content Model

seglistitem ::=

  • One or more of:

Additional Constraints

  • The number of seg elements must be the same as the number of segtitle elements in the parent segmentedlist


A SegmentedList consists of a set of headings (SegTitles) and a list of parallel sets of elements. Each set of elements is stored in a SegListItem.

Processing expectations

Segmented lists can be formatted in a number of ways. Two popular formats are tabular and as a list of repeated headings and elements. In a tabular presentation, each SegListItem is a row in the table. In the list presentation, each SegListItem contains a block of heading/element pairs.

DocBook cannot detect errors caused by too many or too few Segs in a SegListItem. You will have to rely on external processes to find those errors.


These elements contain seglistitem: segmentedlist.


The following elements occur in seglistitem: seg.


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