glossterm — A glossary term



Common attributes and common linking attributes.

Additional attributes:

  • baseform

Additional Constraints

  • @linkend on glossterm must point to a glossentry.


GlossTerm identifies a term that appears in a Glossary or GlossList. This element occurs in two very different places: it is both an inline, and a structure element of a GlossEntry. As an inline, it identifies a term defined in a glossary, and may point to it. Within a GlossEntry, it identifies the term defined by that particular entry.

Processing expectations

As an inline, GlossTerms frequently get special typographic treatment, such as italics. In an online environment, they may also form a link (explicitly or implicitly) to the corresponding definition in a glossary.

GlossTerms must not be nested within other GlossTerms. Because DocBook is harmonizing towards XML, this restriction is difficult to enforce with the DTD. The processing of nested GlossTerms is undefined.

As part of a GlossEntry, GlossTerms are usually set as block and separated from the definition.


Common attributes and common linking attributes.



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