see — Part of an index term directing the reader instead to another entry in the index



The use of See in an IndexTerm indicates that the reader should be directed elsewhere in the index if they attempt to look up this term.

The content of See identifies another term in the index which the reader should consult instead of the current term.

Processing expectations

Suppressed. This element provides data for processing but it is not rendered in the primary flow of text.

It is possible for multiple IndexTerms, taken together, to form an illogical index. For example, given the following IndexTerms:

<indexterm><primary>Extensible Markup Language</primary>
<indexterm><primary>Extensible Markup Language</primary>
  <secondary>definition of</secondary>

there's no way to construct a logical index because an entry in the index should never have both a see and other content.

DocBook cannot detect these errors. You will have to rely on an external process to find them.


These elements contain see: indexterm (db.indexterm.singular), indexterm (db.indexterm.startofrange).

See Also

indexentry, indexterm, primary, primaryie, secondary, secondaryie, seealso, seealsoie, seeie, tertiary, tertiaryie


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