sidebar — A portion of a document that is isolated from the main narrative flow


Additional Constraints

  • sidebar must not occur in the descendants of sidebar


A Sidebar is a short piece of text, rarely longer than a single column or page, that is presented outside the narrative flow of the main text.

Sidebars are often used for digressions or interesting observations that are related, but not directly relevant, to the main text.

Processing expectations

Formatted as a displayed block. Sidebars are sometimes boxed.

DocBook does not specify the location of the Sidebar within the final displayed flow of text. The wrapper may float or remain where it is located.

See Also

abstract, blockquote, epigraph


<article xmlns=''>
<title>Example sidebar</title>

<section><title>An Example Section</title>

<para>Some narrative text.

<sidebar><title>A Sidebar</title>
<para>Sidebar content.

<para>The continuing flow of the narrative text, as if the
sidebar was not present.




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