revhistory — A history of the revisions to a document


Content Model

revhistory ::=


RevHistory is a structure for documenting a history of changes, specifically, a history of changes to the document or section in which it occurs.

DocBook does not mandate an order for revisions: ascending order by date, descending order by date, and orders based on some other criteria are all equally acceptable.

Processing expectations

Formatted as a displayed block. A tabular or list presentation is most common.

The order of revisions within a revhistory (ascending or descending date order, for example) is not mandated by DocBook


The following elements occur in revhistory: info (, info (, revision, title, titleabbrev.

See Also

date, edition, printhistory, pubdate, releaseinfo


<article xmlns=''>
<title>Example revhistory</title>


  <revremark>Bug fixes</revremark>

  <revremark>First beta release</revremark>


Revision History
Revision 0.911996-12-11ndw
Bug fixes
Revision 0.901996-11-30ndw
First beta release


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